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Originally Posted by Kick Frenzy View Post
Maybe try SeaMonkey?
(Not sure how it compares in this respect, so may not make a difference.)

Also, I have Chrome installed, but i'm not seeing GoogleUpdater running on my system.
Are you using Chrome proper or some off-shot build that you're installing from a zip file? If you don't have the service running, AND you're running Chrome proper, then you're a freak accident. Even Dragon uses that shitty updater service and if you're using a heavy resource AV like Comodo it drags the desktop logon time out endlessly while it waits for those services to resolve.

On Windows machines I disable the GoogleUpdater (DragonUpdater, IceDragon Updater, etc) services and set the browser to check and notify, so I can grab and install the updates manually.

When I can convince a client to use Chromium, I use that instead, because it's a zip/rar file unpack and go type installation that can be replaced with a drag and drop of the new files when they're released without all that updater service shit and the pingbacks.

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