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You hurt Vivianne too badly with your words. (And I don't care what she did to you first, or you think she did.)
I don’t want to rehash the Vivi thing, other than to say this:
She knew me since I was 22. Not online, like, actually knew me. She knew I trolled the Hannity forums. She knew I, kinda, trolled the SLU forums. I am now, and have always been, a different person online than I am offline. This was not news. I have regrets about how all that went down but – our friendship had to end, it’s just shitty that it ended that way. I’m not as available as Vivi is and no, the internet is not a major part of my social life. I don’t use it that way so we were never going to be “internet friends who sometime connect in real life.”

Same/Same with Lucifer. He’s a great guy. He’s a decent human being and I think quite well of him and his mind. But, he’s also fantastically unemployed and of a very different political religion – we shouldn’t be friends, online or off. I don’t tend to associate with those people (unemployed for years, in a relationship with someone across the globe so as to avoid actual connection, against gun rights, etc.) and while I still think he’s a really good man, I don’t want to be his friend. We don’t match. At all.

If your father also treated you like crap, and your step-mother, and didn't care much if you lived or died, and made your childhood a living hell, then I might be impressed. But not because of one absentee, non-loving parent, when there are other family members loving you and providing for you.
Go back and read my history – my step mom hit me (like, kind of a lot) and my dad was an alcoholic whom I saw beat my step-mom repeatedly and the only real negative thing about me is I don’t associate the internet with real life. I’m doing just fine. I’m pretty sure I’ve said the above about my step-mom and dad before so if Io’s going to chime in about the liar card (perhaps playing a little violin this time?) then feel free to do the research and quote me on it.

And I do consider internet forum posting stuff Serious Business. And I live online and I don't have a social life! haha But I always considered it serious business. I guess because there are PEOPLE at the other end. You know?
I like you hun; but we are not similar in this regard and if you ever met me in real life you might be shocked at how little I’m willing to fight about things with people. Really, how can I be conservative and support harsh things while also personally connecting to the individuals? I reserve the right to upset and hurt people with my opinions, thoughts and online postings up to a point.

This has been eye opening and I think explains, at least for me, a lot of the disconnects I have with people. Yeah, if I were to treat this as my social life I wouldn’t say half of what I say. You wouldn’t even know I’m conservative. I’d keep my thoughts and opinions to myself and only give you the nice soft side everyone in real life likes. I’d be more liked, but less known. I also wouldn’t post under a moniker – you’d know Rob, not Mero. I’d have a bunch of online friends I could connect to and no real outlet for what I really think. I wouldn’t be able to hash out the hard ideas or be presented with facts to dissuade me from my opinions. That’s one thing Vivi said quite often, before things went south – Mero may troll sometimes, but if you present a good argument he’ll change his mind. I don’t have the desire to dig that quote out but, if you look, it’s there.

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