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Originally Posted by Caroline_Ra View Post
Well 300 were murdered for being christian and I dont think its idiocy when you posted that christians were not being killed for just being christian. As I said I tend to adopt a global perspective and didnt realise the thread applied to the US and americans attitudes. Sorry, my bad.

Although the fact that you think this is idiocy would tend to support Cocos thinking that there is respect for islam and not so much for christians.
i think this is idiocy to take something out of context. which you did. coco is not talking about christian persecution in nigeria. she's talking about it on this board -- i don't think there's any one participating here from nigeria but i could be wrong. the majority of folks that post here come from the US and there's a smattering of folk from europe and germany -- these are not places where christianity is persecuted but they ARE places where muslim is persecuted. geesh get your head out of your ass for once. i think you are deliberately trying to confuse the conversation.
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