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Originally Posted by Bams View Post
Which is entirely the fault of Christians, who persecuted the covens and drove them into secrecy.

Disclaimer: this is not directed against Bams personally, but against the scent of persecuted-coven-descendant-shyte that I just whiffed. I HAVE been drinking wine, so... yeah.

Having survived a few years of AOHell's pagan forums, done ritual in myriad places including stone circles in Wales and neolithic sites in France, Wiccan circles in NYC and Iowa, mountaintops in the US and Europe, and etc, gone from here to there and back again, and gotten a few tshirts in the process, all I have to say here is that if you say ANYTHING approximating: "NEVER AGAIN THE BURNING TIMES"* ...

...I. Will. Hunt. You. The. Fuck. DOWN.

... Don't fucking go all "Charmed"/"Sabrina/"Witches of Eastwick" on me, anybody in here, because I like you all, and don't want to become all Queen Psycho Didactica on you.

Samantha Stevens is bad enough. At least she's cute about it.

If you want to read up on the witch persecutions in mainland Europe, and then get back to me, that's great. If you know about how the Brits didn't burn their wise women unless they were actually guilty of murder by poisoning, that's even better. If you know who John Dee was, or what Stregans are, kewl beans. But if you want to pretend that proto-Emo Wiccans from Secaucus have a fucking thing to do with the people who actually died during those pogroms [and the political witchhunts in Salem, which had more to do with the bad blood left over from the French & Indian Wars], I will have to beat you with a frozen salmon fillet carved in the shape of a pentacle. Or something.

*[fyi the people who endured the burning times DIED. Their children either were sold into slavery and later murdered, or died with them. Nobody alive today can claim to be their descendant. Do not do that stupid romanticizing shit by trying to lay claim to their horrific murders. TYVM.]

K. I finish my wine and go to bed now. Don't laugh too hard....
"...My body isn't a temple so much as it's a littered-up roadside cross with fake flowers stuck to it." ~Oryx

"...he may know what he actually meant, but we certainly cannot. It's like some biblical quote pulled at random from Revelations and used to support Jesus wielding Colt 45s and riding a tyrannosaurus rex at the Final Battle, only much shorter and bilingual. Maybe." ~Govi
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