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Mari - I think it's because there are so few of us left, and we "talk" to each other elsewhere on this board or on Twitter for example. So there are other ways of keeping in touch.

Personally, I left the Forum Cartel months ago since there were so few people left from the old crowd around. There are a some I see regularly (like Feline and Maureen) and others I see now and then just at events and such.

I miss Chris Norse. He was the glue that held the Cartel together and since he's been gone it just isn't the same, and us "oldbies" have either moved on or lost interest - leaving it in the hands of others. I'm surprised it is even still in existence since it seems nobody ever hangs out there anymore.

To me it felt like the newer folks, never had the same feeling of community and family that I think the rest of us did from being in on it at the beginning. They certainly had no reason to follow this thread, or any similar.
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