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Originally Posted by Bunnie View Post
As hard as it might be to believe, my first period was a bit of a shock. I started in 6th grade, and I was of course at school. I was also of course wearing WHITE jeans.

I asked the gym teacher for a pad and she gave me a tampon, which I had NO idea how to operate. I ended up wadding up tp and shoving it in my panties and calling home sick. My mother had never said a word to me about it. I wasn't allowed to participate when we did the separate the boys and girls and give them the 'speech and movie' at school deal.

Yay to go, Mom!
So was mine. A shock. Literally, I went into shock or something. And this was after EAGERLY AWAITING it for at least a year. I was 13, a few months from 14, and the other three girls on my block already got theirs, and one was YOUNGER than I was, so I was anxious to get it, like, always examining my panties for anything and everything, hoping, hoping.

AND YET. I was in the locker room after gym class and noticed . . . something BROWN all over my panties. And therewith went into shock. I guess. Dried blood is brown. There was plenty of it, too. But I just finished out the school day, came home, changed panties, and stayed in shock. Sort of pretended it wasn't there. Didn't even make a connection.

I think around 10 that night I finally came to terms with what it was. (Specially since the new was looking red.)

Weirdest damn thing . . .

One of my sisters-in-law (no longer is) was screeching about her adopted daughter (something she was always doing), because she had found her panties, after her period started, and the daughter wasn't doing anything about it.

I told her my story, cause I think her daughter was mentally doing something similar. Not that it did any good, of course, to diminish the sister-in-law's wrath.
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