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Originally Posted by Dakota Tebaldi View Post
I want you all to appreciate how difficult it is for me to read this thread.

About a year ago, I was at a friend's house and wandered into the kitchen for a soda; while I was there I noticed their golden retriever digging in the trash and shoo'd him away. He ran out with something, I thought it was just some piece of food. Shortly afterwards I passed the dog in the hallway, and it was still eagerly chewing on whatever it dug out of the trash. I leaned down to take a close look and discovered it was a bloody tampon. I barely made it to the bathroom in time to hurl - violently.

It's taken me all year to be able to hear the words "bloody tampon" without flashing back to that dog and heaving, but I made it. I'm proud. if you'll excuse me...brb...
So, I'm guessing you've never pulled a tampon out of a girl, by grabbing the string with your teeth, pulling your head back, and then went on to lick her pussy, Dakota?
Piglet's eyes blazed with eldritch fire, his laugh echoed, huge in the deep cavern "The sacred honey is mine, mine, mine."

The feral rabbit horde edged forward.

Pooh stepped over the decapitated corpse of Eeyore. There would be time for mourning afterwards.

Flanked by Tigger and Roo, they met the ravening rabbits in pitched battle.
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