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ps: I do know how to get rid of bloody tampons - it's just messy as hell especially when you're hovering over a public toilet and trying not to drip on the floor or your underwear and then you wrap it up and either have to push the trash container open or find a surface if the container is out of reach... and then after that open another tampon and maneuver it etc...

Being a woman is FUN

And shame on you Beau for suggesting I flush it down the public toilet - public toilet cleaning staff are people too
You are wearing Almost All of your Armor.
You are wearing Partially Burnt Exciting Undergarments on your Head.
You are wearing a Tikbalang Ward on your Neck
You are coated with an Encrusted Foul-Smelling, Sparkly Substance.

- excerpt from You Awaken in Razor Hill
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