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I got the job :-) Working out the details but I am officially in the "Software as a Service" industry.

What excites me about this new job is that it's in education, designing (and supporting) software that assess people's skills. I think it's just a small hop over to making Serious Games. Hell, if I do things right I won't even need to change jobs. I'll just walk into the boss's office one day and say "Give me part of my budget to make a game that trains our staff." Get that done and then turn it around and say "Now, lets sell this to other people."

But really, it's the journey that matters and I'm excited about the MA in Game Design journey. I missed out on that "fun" college experience because I was busy running away from poverty. Well, I'm firmly away from poverty, now. I'm not going broke. It's kind of an awesome feeling.

Jorus- I appreciate the tips; I'm definitely going for the MA in Game Design, though - that's just who I am. I want the letters, I want the in-person community, I want the contacts, and I want it on my resume. Plus I need it to make the "friends" I would design with. Especially since I'm more interested in managing game developers than necessarily BEING a game developer - my value add is leading more than doing. I'm good at this whole "Project Management" discipline and getting people to work the way I want them to work (read: the best, right, and only way.) I loathe the way game design companies get away with being shitty at project management just because they're "creative." Stupid shit there - I'm a corporate leader through and through and I'll be that 1% who delivers games that make money to companies like EA.


If I try hard, stick to it, and get just a little lucky, that'll be something I get done.
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