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Re: Eve Online: Is late adoption worth it?
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Default Re: Eve Online: Is late adoption worth it?

Ok to answer the question in the OP:

You can easily be usefull in fleet within a few days of training as a light tackler/fleet recon etc, but you a
You absolutely have to be single minded in the beginning, unless you have multiple accounts. Otherwise, you'll end up where I in tech/mining, then switching to military after investing about a month worth of training on the other character.

You really start to notice a difference when skills start surpassing Lvl 3.

This will help greatly with training plans:

Great built-in planning, and you can check your skill progress without logging in.
My main is in pretty good position to go blackops/bomber/cyno. I'm honestly thinking about just buying a low sp caldari subcap alt just so I can avoid the bullshit of training learning skills and frigs AGAIN.

And yeah I have evemon

The goons built an amazing eve wiki, but alas it's pretty locked down to non goons.
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