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Shaggy and Coco's Kitchen Kook-Off - Part 1
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Default Shaggy and Coco's Kitchen Kook-Off - Part 1

We are bringing this over from Mulch's forum (it's no longer supported), where it was known as Shaggy and Coco's Kitchen Olympics.

Shaggy and I take turns offering each other three recipes to choose from. (Or usually, just the main ingredients of each.) Once the choosing person has made his or her selection, we post the recipe. Then we each cook it and take pictures of it to post. We like an audience. That is, I do.

Anyone can join in by making the recipe and posting pictures of it, but only Shaggy and I choose the recipes and select from them. Cause, you know, it's our thing.

We've made some good new dishes this way, including a very interesting cauliflower something with a delicious chopped up cauliflower and something sauce; a wonderful cocoanut custard pie; a good French bread and a chicken Parmesan cutlets I made again the other night. And we've made some blah ones or ones we hated.

We do this every week or two, interspersed with long hiatuses for holidays or camping. This week Shaggy suggested sauces.
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