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Originally Posted by TaTT View Post
Excuse me, but we ALL have fake names. Your fake name is no better or worse than mine.

Heh. Made you read AND reply.

oh well go you, you fucking asswipe. all it took was you purposefully misrepresenting what Luc said.

My fake name is oogobs better than yours. I have been posting under it for 5 years and a lot of people know me personally and off line who met me under it. If I, as Vivianne Draper, start a 'publication' in order to trash other people, my reputation will suffer. If I take another fake name, say TaTT, and start a 'publication' and trash people under that pseudonym, my reputation doesn't suffer a bit.

So no, you are wrong. The pseudonyms are not equal. Chickenshit.
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