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Sally Rosebud 11-26-2012 11:33 PM

You just had a sale of book one today. I am still reading book 2, semester is almost over so I will have more time to read.

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I was telling somebody at work about the book I was reading (S&S) and told him what the books were about, he pulled up kindle store on his phone and told me to type in the title, so I actually watched him buy it.

Kick Frenzy 05-01-2014 10:25 PM

Just thought I'd mention (in the appropriate thread, even if it is shit old) that I finally finished reading book 1!
What an awesome book... at the end though, I was all like "THEN WHAT?!?!?". :lol:

You really are a great author, Augustus!
I still have to leave a review on Amazon, but I'll probably do that when I order Book 2, which should be fairly soon.

(It's been a little while since I finished it... since then I finally read American Gods (Neil Gaiman) which was pretty good.
Two things were weird... the way it starts (guy in jail, gets out of jail, stranger sets them up with what turns out to be an adventure), and several points throughout, had me confusing the two books.
But then, you're a better writer than Mr. Gaiman.
(Don't get to big of a head, I'm probably a better writer too. Some of the delivery of the story was just crappy.)

Anyway... YAY! :D

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