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Kirstens Viewer's Bot 01-06-2012 07:00 PM

And Finally...
Alas the crowdfunder did not reach it's target, it is perhaps unfortunate that the funding pitch came at a time where I have limited internet and could not make more of a song and dance about it...
But should I need too?
I had a review of previous downloads and stats over the last year from the site it had 280 thousand unique visitors, 30 million page views and consumed 3256 gigabytes of data.
The downloads of the clients varied of course but on average between 6000 to 8000 downloads were made per version. Last week sourceforge registered 217 downloads of an older client!
Looking at actual unique login statistics provided by the Lab itself we find a good 3 to 4 thousand people used the viewer on a very regular basis.

Looking at the positive side we did have a small but VERY generous bunch of funders and all things considered 28% of the target was none too shoddy, to those people I thank you Crowdfunder should be in contact with you with refunding info as I write this.
I do wonder if the 217 people who downloaded the old client last week from sourceforge ever decided to fund.. we will never know.

Anyway perhaps the biggest shame is what I consider the missed opportunity, many times groups or organisations have contacted me with requests for customised clients to suit specific needs this funding pitch would have been perfect for such an endeavour.
Or groups with a common interest or goal could have got together and collectively funded the project with the goal of adding specific features.

Enough rambling, lets tie up the loose ends and finish this.

Many many Thanks to Everyone who has supported this viewer you know who you are.
The website forums will be closed, and the site will close at the end of December.

PS. I will no longer have the time ( or inclination ) to develop anymore, on January the 1st I start a new job, and will be busy looking after my nearest and dearest.

Warmest Regards and wishing you all a wonderful Christmas and a prosperous New Year.
KL (KirstenLee Cinquetti) aka Lee :D


Kristian 01-06-2012 11:48 PM

Now that this blog feed is randomly reposting its last post can we archive it? (Oh, and the Emergence blog is pretty much in that state too. These aren't TPVs anymore, they're just zombies.)

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