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Govi 12-10-2013 08:14 PM

RL home looks like it was first designed in SL
I have never before seen a RL home that bore so close a resemblance to an SL prim based (not mesh) design.

Sotheby's New York Times' ad

Elora Lunasea 12-10-2013 08:54 PM

Me likes. I could live there quite nicely.

Dakota Tebaldi 12-10-2013 11:25 PM

That looks exactly like something Inside Designs would sell, yes. It's uncanny really.

Sansarya 12-10-2013 11:50 PM

I had a friend in SL when I first joined who later went to architecture school after spending a few years building in SL. Looks like something Hip would have built.

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