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Lias 07-26-2010 07:25 PM

The Weekly Wrap: Zindra Community Meeting
I set up a page with the office hours info and the after meeting wrap-up chatter in the cafe Zindra Community Transcripts - ZINDRA A LA CARTE
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I mentioned that in February of this year Blondin responded to a ticket I put in and agreed to adult verification centers in the mainland infohubs:

From Lias Leandros
Ticket Information:
Ticket #:4051-7418803
Date Created:2/24/2010 9:00 PM PDT

Since these areas have thousands of people moving through them daily, this is the most effective way to increased awareness of Zindra. I hope that this can be arranged by March 16th in time to advertise the Zindra Adult Expo properly.

Please let me know so we can get builders to pull together networked prototypes that can be chosen from for this purpose.
We have solved your issue

Solution: Hi Lias,

Unfortunately, we don't have the bandwidth internally to accomplish this. If you wanted to build out a kiosk, I could help place them around the infohubs but keep in mind, all content and images would need to be as close to PG as possible.

Today he says:

Originally Posted by Blondin
[11:55] Blondin Linden: Lias, unfortuantely, Im not on the search team so there is little I can say or do to address those concerns for you. The team is working on the issue and are in fact aware of the difficulties you face. But as of right here and right now, the 'search firewall' is a bit out of scope for this conversation

So the Zindra Community Meetings we have been participating in for a year he now claims had absolutely nothing to do with the search firewall issue that plagues us. And I will not hold my breath waiting for those Adult Verification Centers he promised for the mainland infohubs.
Another person jumped on my "PG CONTENT" bandwagon and suggested a boat ramp for the destination guide. It was assumed that something tame like boating can breach the search firewall (is our water more smutty than theirs?). Sadly, she was mistaken.


Originally Posted by (11:50) C
: if we put the boat ramps in, get the flickr page (and youtube?) get the group set up and get zindra in the destination guide then a blog post would be well and truly a great way to attract lots of people who wouldn't usually look at us.

Blondin:(11:51) Blondin Linden: destination guide will prove to be a bit more difficult, but I think this would be a good time to bring it up again internally.

One more attempt was made to get Blondin and participants to make sense about this 4 sim event being developed 3 times a year:


Originally Posted by Lias
(11:59) You: We can have a showcase every three months of any Zindra Business that wants to be listed - and have a sort of SIM CRAWL event that links all of the participant's locations into one big event
That plan is detailed here: ZINDRA A LA CARTE - Home.

(11:57) [U]C:[/U] very few people have the time or content to organise a large event - that's the point.

So, marketing ourselves behind the firewall we can do that ourselves. 4 Sims donated by Linden Lab for a few to make events on for free would have us promoting the slurl of those sims (to only those already adult verified) and not the slurl of the actual adult business.

We need Linden Lab to address the search firewall issue and stop wasting our time building malls, railroads and moats within Zindra and then telling us that they cannot avertise Zindra using ANY of their advertising tools.

The only thing said for the last two weeks that looks like it may help is the Adult Content film LL is producing for their website and the New Player welcome area being developed on Mature Land just outside of Zindra

Originally Posted by Blondin
(11:57) Blondin Linden: Podyan is being turned into that as we speak. and its Moderate rated.

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